I recently splashed out on a pair of MicroKORG XL‘s so I can travel to gigs with only a backpack. To me, these tiny machines look, sound and feel INFINITELY better than the original Microkorgs, and I actually find the narrower keys more playable than standard-sized keys – quite a revelation for me, as I’ve been struggling for decades with trills etc.!

Discoveries / examples will follow as soon as I have gathered enough experience in programming them myself. Needless to say, most of the factory presets aren’t particularly inspiring, so my first patch was a personalized “INIT” (template). I plan to post one or two audio examples of more sophisticated patches at some point – we’ll see…


6 Responses to “Twinthesizers”

  1. The MS2000 was one of my favorite hardware VA synthesizers to program. Despite its limitations, I found the layout and modulation matrix an absolute joy to use. The microKorg always left me disappointed because it took the guts of the MS2000 and obliterated its well thought out interface. I know the microKorg was a smashing critical success, but so was the K-Station which also felt like a dumbed down version of Novation’s wonderful Supernova heritage. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon, but these types of synths always feel cut down for the lowest common denominator and kind of a sad direction for hardware instruments. Hopefully there is a decent onscreen editor for the XL so that you can really get under the hood.

  2. @Tronam
    An understandable prejudice, but a prejudice nonetheless. The XL sounds much smoother, has twice the polyphony, the keyboard is playable. Soundwise, it holds up well against my Virus and Matrix 1000, and the extra piano / e-piano samples are surprisingly good. Decent editor lets you “really get under the hood”. Forget most of the presets 😉

  3. It may be a prejudice. Sonically, I’m sure it’s fantastic and I like the idea of an improved synth engine and improve polyphony. What I think I truly lament is the decline of well designed tactile synthesizer interfaces. Despite my lifelong relationship with computers, I have always been more productive with synthesizers that don’t require using a mouse.

  4. Re computer mice: I agree 99% i.e. there’s one exception for me. u-he Zebra2 is so well designed that I’m much more productive than with any hardware synth I’ve ever owned. And in the case of MK-XL, it’s worth using a software editor to keep the unit small and relatively cheap.

  5. Without question. Zebra is one of those marvelous desert island synths and I guess it helps that everything Urs touches turns into gold. 🙂 Love that fellow. Speaking of which; I need to go buy your awesome Zebra’2’Science sound bank!

  6. thank you, very interesting idea

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