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Mutant V-Synth

Posted in Uncategorized on October 9, 2009 by Howard

Packing up to move home (slowly but surely), I took the opportunity to photograph my mutant V-Synth. It’s a prototype, and the COSM1 button of structure 2  is in the wrong position (see lower image) – it belongs in the upper row next to OSC1. Oops!

V-Synth Proto

Structure 2

Twinthesizers field report

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2009 by Howard

Just a quick note to say that my two MicroKORG XLs have passed the “Gig” and “Studio” tests with flying colours. I played at a 100% solar-powered mini-festival near Tewkesbury, England, with the twins as hand luggage. The studio job here in Frankfurt was just up the road, so I packed both synths plus a mini-mixer (onboard effects) into a carry-all, slung it over my shoulder and hopped on my bicycle!

Rehearsing for UK gig:

Howie and the Twins