New HS sounds for MicroKORG XL (May 2010)

Radically updated bank of keyboard-player-oriented sounds. Most of the programs make use of the 3 assignable controls. Try switching on the arpeggiator and/or twisting the TEMPO knob during performance. Note that Genre and Category have been ignored.
Click here: MicroKORG XL sounds

63 Responses to “New HS sounds for MicroKORG XL (May 2010)”

  1. matty muddles Says:

    hi howie, been checking yr site daily for more of yr synth vitamins and mineral supplements, the latest collection is great, i love the kraftwerk one, and the lagoon one.
    is the hero gtr modeled on hero by neu? or is it more guitar hero?

    however as you know im really into the moonweed patch. i do prefer the original moonweed one you did last time with out the echo/delay on. but thats just a personal preference.

    thanks for posting these, every time i load up some of your sounds its like getting a brand new MKXL. – good work sir!


  2. I’m pretty sure that patch always had delay. Wouldn’t be “Moonweed” without it!

  3. matty muddles Says:

    hi there, no i think they are slightly different. have a glisten!
    the delay on the 2nd incarnation is like a tap delay thing.

    i cant find the bit where i wrote the posts last month its dissapeared into thin fog.

    can u recommend any software to get me started on computer recording? im a bit of a noobian, on computers.

    also when a MKXL sound has 5th on it as in moog bass 5th, how does one play it,? if the song is in C does one play moog 5th patch in A?

    also what does ss or is it 55 stand for on couple of yr patches?

    i really like the monopoly patch too. you ought to have wrote the OS for the MKXL it would have been far better than those from the Korg team.

    best wishes

  4. 1) I thought you meant there was zero delay effect on the “original”
    2) Entire post deleted to stop people commenting the earlier version
    3) I use Cubase and Logic, but you might prefer Ableton Live
    4) Play normally
    5) 55 = Moog 55 = big old modular

    • matty muddles Says:

      ah thanks for answering my questions. dont suspose you have any info on how i can create a synth loop like that one in ozric tentacles song ‘eternal wheel’ im sure you know the one i mean. ive tried to do it with the arpeggio-atorer, but no joy! enjoy yr bank holiday! im enjoying adding yr sounds to my bank of patches!

      • matty muddles Says:

        hi howie,
        could you advise any tips on being creative with the arpegiator please? i know how it works and that but cant seem to come up with anything that interesting. am still very much enjoying yr latest patches. lagoon is one of my all time faves, its a perfect shimmery hazy dusky patch! love it.

  5. Try using delays, especially 3/8

  6. Paul Burns Says:

    Hi there , many thanks for these. I shall return the favour when I get time to get under the bonnet of my XL.



  7. That’s the spirit. Good man πŸ™‚

  8. Fab banks man, been lookin for some of these sounds for a while.



  9. thanx so much for your effort…i downoladed the first bank (some months ago)…which are the new ones???…(i ve havng some problems with the links)


    • The link takes you to Mediafire, where a “Click here to start download” should appear. Can’t say which are the new/improved ones – it would take precious time to compare the old bank with the new one. Suck it and see.

      • did it….some patches are the same…but both banks are awesome……

        many thnx howard!!!!!

  10. I get an “Invalid or Deleted File ” Error at the mediafire site.
    Any chance for a reup?
    I’d love to hear these sounds..

    cheers dan

  11. oh it worked today πŸ™‚

    Awesome sounds man! Thanks a lot for sharing this…
    a real upgrade to the xl!

    cheers dan

  12. Amazing sounds! Really insipiring piece of work, mate! I have many favorites, but at the moment I’m playing around with Monopoly and Slapper. I want more! Mooore! MOOORE!! :OD


  13. Dear Howard,

    Thank you soooo much for sharing your creation & effort!
    I love & I’m using lots of your sounds! Wonderful!

  14. @all … glad you like ’em πŸ™‚

  15. MyOneManBand Says:

    Hi there, I have been searching high and low for some good patchs to use as starting points to get some sounds i want.

    basically Im really into the Postal Service / Owl City / Kyte vibe and love any sound sets like this, your patches nail a ton of them for me …while at the same time being differant and unique…espesh your evolving pads.

    quick question,

    i love your Hang Pan sound in a mix its actually very good, just a thought…. on your cymbals patch you have it taylored so that a very brief keystroke yeilds a long decay where as a heavy press and hold mutes it…i love this, its so organic, could it be applied to the hang patch as obviously this would be analoguous to the real world playing of a hang drum where it can be struck to be tuneful or struck differantly to yeild more drumming sounds. very good.

    btw, i have used gliss within a split setup with the right hand set to delayed glitchy sine wavey stuff, its sounds lovely i would love ot send it to you.

    all the best and please please keep creating, you will hear your stuff on albums im sure.

  16. The hohnet sound has become my overall favourite epiano sound…
    I’m pretty sure it’s even better than the original πŸ˜‰
    I credited you in the song description 4 sure…
    Keep up your good work

    KOTR – Brain on Drugs [dtunez 2010 till…] by dtunez

  17. Thank you Howard these patches are excellent…better than the Korg presets

  18. Davecharles Says:

    Howard im looking for a steel drum sound (carribean) have you ever programmed anything like this

    Dave Charles

  19. there should be more soundbanks for download out there…

  20. Currently at a stand-still with my XL and ended up finding this (and I’m glad I did).

    “You’re The Man.”

  21. one and all , a repository for XL sounds here

    I hope that helps … more people neeed to start programming the beast though …



  22. Just stumbled across these and wanted to say thanks for your time and effort. Love these new sounds!

  23. If I download to my Apple laptop it says Safari has no available application to open file? Any ideas/help anyone?


  24. Many thanks Howard for swift reply. This is what i am getting “Safari can’t open the file β€œHowie-2.mkxl_all” because no available application can open it”.

    I will download the editor and many thanks for the help.


    • It’s a .zip compressed file. Zip files should not open your browser. Check this: Right click on the file, select “Open with” … the standard application should NOT be Safari, but “Archive”!

  25. It opens fine now Howard thankyou. I’m a bit ahead of myself in that I don’t get my XL until Christmas day! πŸ™‚ Many thanks for your help and for the patches in advance.


  26. Not long now howard! Question/Advice, will I be able to add any Radias patches?


    • No – although closely related, Radias isn’t compatible. You can load MS2000 patches, though… they get converted into MicroKorg XL format (then sound instantly better than the original!)

  27. Ok Howard thankyou. The Radias has some good Pink Floyd patches which I liked. Will look for some MS2000 ones. Have a good Christmas.


  28. Howard, thank you so much for making these sounds available…they are amazing ! You are a soundscape genius.

    The original XL sounds were good but the breadth of programming and genres that you’ve included in your sound banks give the keyboard an entirely new dimension and feel.

    It’s rare for someone as gifted as yourself to do all of this work and then make the patches available for free for anyone to use. That is much appreciated … (belated) happy Christmas & have a great 2012. Thanks again Howard.

  29. Bit more advice please Howard. If I load your patches to the XL will it overide the ones that come with the XL or will they be additional patches to the ones already installed? I guess what I am asking, is there more space/memory on the XL to accept more patches in addition to the default ones.


    • Hi Del… you get the factory bank (and more) with the editor, you can’t lose it. The patch manager in the editor lets you do anything really – overwrite single patches, banks or the lot etc. etc.. MicroKorg XL doesn’t have any “empty” patch memory.

  30. Ok thanks Howard for the information. I appreciate the help and advice as a newbie to the XL.

  31. Hello Howard,

    I was just wondering if you have any other patches available for download? I love the Marcato patch, it (almost) sounds like the Strings preset in Viva La Vida by Coldplay. πŸ™‚

  32. Gary Johnson Says:

    Howie: I just got my XL over the weekend, found your download and took your library plus the two from Korg and made a new library of what I think are the best. 128 painstaking copy / paste (most were yours) and looking for even better stuff. Thanks so much for all your genius and hard work. When I get going on this I will post some of my own. Thanks again, Gary

  33. mattleighfield Says:

    Hi Howard – I downloaded your patches a while back and I love them. Now I’m desperately looking for a mellotron ‘strawberry fields’ patch, and i’e found one for a microkorg but cant figure out how to translate that to an XL – do you know where I could get this patch or learn how to make one?


    • Hi Matt
      IIRC you can import MK patches into the MKXL editor (I’m away from home ATM, can’t check).

      • mattleighfield Says:

        Thanks Howard,

        I’ve tried Googling importing MK patches into MKXL but only find forum posts saying it can’t be done, which is a shame. I would happily pay for the mellotron patch – do you know of any sites which sell patches for XL?


  34. Hi Howard, thanks a lot for your great work.
    I’m not a keyboardist, but a guitar player. I bougth anyway a MKXL a couple of years ago since I always loved synths also; I use it mainly to add some flavor to my home guitar recordings.

    I’ve been looking for a MKXL patch sounding like a regular electric bass; I would use it for making bass lines in my guitar recordings. I’m currently using other available “synth-like” bass sounds, wich is also nice, but not always the best fit for rock, blues and even some metal songs I play.

    I would be most grateful if you, or someone listening, could give me a hint about where to find such a bass preset. Or directions about how to make it with the MKXL -I forgot to mention that I’m completely incompetent to make such a thing by myself on the mikrokorg XL!!!-

    Any advice will be welcome!

    • Hi Oscar

      Sorry, I haven’t had any spare time recently to get back into programming MKXL. I’d say take the time and try (at least 5 minutes each!) all bass presets you find – you might just get used to one or two of them πŸ™‚

  35. Yeahh, love those Sounds! Great for re-tweaking, a lovely sort of inspiration to me!

    Thank you!

  36. Hi. Been looking online for patches all day. Will check out the link above but could not find the “Howie-2.mkxl_all” link??. Im guessing this was the updated set of sounds. Do you have another link? Thanks for taking time to create these patches. For the comments above im sure they are great!!

  37. Ok cool. Thanks for the quick reply. I have since downloaded and checked out the patch. It is like having a new keyboard. Thanks again. By the sounds of the posts above seems that you are very busy but just wondering if you are going to create any other patches?? Would love a “Bass” patch. Im gonna give it a go myself and if i create something 1/4 as good as your one i will put it up to share. It quite hard to find MKXL patches for some reason?? Surprised at that.

    Thanks again dude.

  38. Hello Howie. Regarding “Moonweed”
    I just posted a video on YouTube of me playing a track I made with – and inspired by your wonderful sound “Moonweed”.
    I won’t spam you with a link, but if you wanna here it, search for “microkorg moonweed”. The track is called “Moon Wear” πŸ™‚

    • re
      Well, that was fun! How do you rate the Microsampler? Any annoyances?

      • Thanks.
        The microSampler is all KORG-quality – It always works. That said; it took me some time getting to know it, and I’m still not exploiting it’s full potential. But it’s the heart of all the music I make. I’m not much for making music on a computer, I just like knobs.
        I have tried running out of memory a couple of times, but that kind of limitation just spawns creativity.The microSampler is great for me – we’ll never part πŸ˜‰
        Thanks for watching my video! and
        thanks for making such great sounds for the microKorg

  39. Hello Howard. I having problems downloading the patches from Mediafire. The file won’t extract no matter what I try to do (unarchiver, different web browsers, terminal etc). I seems like the file won’t download in full (only 68 Kb). I tried download it over and over for some weeks now without success. So is there something wrong with the server or link? Would be greatfull if you could look this over. Seems like the patches would be hand in glove for me.
    Best regards! from Jonas Berling

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