Chimera BC16 and other goodies

This British company appears to have finally got over its troubles and is delivering some neat toys. I’m once again sorely tempted by the BC16 – the circular arrangement of controls and the patching method (stackable banana cables across the centre) make for a very compact but powerful modular synth which might be stiff competition for Doepfer’s Dark Energy and MFB’s Kraftzwerg. Note that the image here is of an earlier version:

UPDATE: At the moment it looks like “Mr Chimera” is once again driving his potential customers crazy – by not delivering, by upping the price, and by announcing that no more orders for the BC16 will be taken.

Watch this space…

5 Responses to “Chimera BC16 and other goodies”

  1. Paul Burns Says:

    Hi Howard,
    I have been looking at these for a while , due to a recoomendation from my frien Nick Kent in NY, who now owns one.
    Glad to here the issues are over.

    Still playing with your MicroKorg XL patches … hours of fun to be had

    many thanks


    Paul Burns

  2. Since Paul is mentioning me, I should point out that when I ordered the unit was in physically stock and indeed was shipped right away.

    Looking at the site today I’m seeing “We will only send out an electronic invoice when your unit is within 14 days of being shipped”, which at least to me has much more of a potential for a delay.

  3. Actually I bought the smaller sequencer in June because I think it was at an introductory price. Well he’s not serious about the lead time as I’ve heard nothing since. I guess all that can be said is the units are real but you should never buy one that’s not shipping from stock.

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