Tinysizer – little BIG modular synth

I simply could not resist ordering one of these:
(EUR 1,299 from anyware-instruments.de)

The patching system (mis)uses standard connectors – brilliant!

7 Responses to “Tinysizer – little BIG modular synth”

  1. Paul Burns Says:

    Aha, I have a bag of foot long male connector wires left over from an arduino midi project to create midi sustain etc for my MicroKorg XL …the one thing I thought was sadly missing from that design (sustain pedal input). Now I know why I bought more than necessary.

    Looks like I might need a bigger magnifying glass as well…



    • @Paul – did you make that controller, and does it work well? I’ve been looking for something like that!!! Wondering whether an old Native Instruments pedal for Guitar Rig (version 1, the blue one) could be converted into a controller for the Twins! 🙂

  2. Paul Burns Says:

    Yes indeed it works well, although I have not gone the whole hog with it yet , just put 4 socket inputs in, and the midi in/out as well as usb of course… I need a bigger box…it was the easiest solution as the pro stuff is quite expensive

    Mr Scarff was very helpful, and had already written the code , so I did not have to work too hard


    Another thought about the Tinysizer, since they look like 34 pin risers, (floppy drive) My first thought is to put an extra m/f riser over each socket to save wear on the unit … when those female sockets have had enouh abuse, just replace the riser, giving the unity longevity.



  3. Paul Burns Says:

    Hi Howard
    That doepfer kit looks like it does roughly the same sort of thing … it looks to me like an Atmel AVR processor …just their own board design , rather than arduino/decimalia…



  4. hey Paul, i’ve been scouring the internet for a solution to adding a foot controlled sustain pedal to the microkorg XL. your link here seems to not be working. Any additional information on this project would be so helpful. Im actually attempting to use the korg for playing orchestral samples that require sustain to sound effective. – i hope you respond.


    Howard, awesome idea with the twin korgs i’m interested in your setup aswell.

  5. Hi there victor that link works for me… email me at paul@fitvideo.co.uk directly



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