Howard Scarr

Howard was born in Hull, UK. After studying biology for a year at Norwich University (UEA), he discovered his true calling – electronic music synthesis – in 1972. Under the strange pseudonym Gwyo Zepix, Howard was a founding member of the UK’s first synthesizer group Zorch, using mainly EMS equipment.

 After a few years as jazz-rock keyboard player in Bristol (with Skywhale), he relocated to Germany – always at the cutting edge of electronic music – around 1980. During the mid to late ’90s, while playing keyboards for various local bands, he worked his way up the ranks as independent sound designer and consultant for various synthesizer companies, both within Germany and abroad. This eventually led to him becoming a highly sought-after sound designer for the pro sector e.g. Access Virus, Waldorf Q, Roland V-Synth and Fantom series.

From 2000 on he toured Europe, the USA and Japan, playing keyboards with the cult band Gong.

 When software quality overtook hardware, Howard started receiving contracts from major audio software companies, notably Steinberg, Gmedia and Native Instruments.  On the lookout for something new and interesting, he recently turned his attention to Zebra2 – at the time a well-kept secret which is slowly but surely becoming one of Hollywood’s favourite sound design tools.

 In 2007, Howard became a creative partner in Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer’s team, and has since contributed many distinctive Zebra2 sounds to The Dark Knight, Angels and Demons, Transformers 2 and Inception.

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